Past Webinar - hosted March 2024

Tired Of Dealing With Compliance Headaches?

We get you. Compliance is a tricky subject for SMBs, and your business' success relies on it.

Complex, ever-changing, constant updates, new additions... all items that help describe regulatory compliance for SMBs. We've put together some of the top minds when it comes to compliance and the strategy behind it to help ease your worries.

March is all about College Basketball and the March Madness Tournament, which fits hand-in-hand with the madness of compliance frameworks. Watch our webinar to slam dunk your compliance requirements by learning about:

  • Why regulatory compliance is essential for SMBs
  • Pain points and their solutions for SMB compliance
  • The value and benefits of managed compliance solutions

Meet the Speakers! ↓

Sal Marino v36 (1)
Sal Marino

Director of Operations & Finance

Charles IT

Paul Lavoie | CT
Paul Lavoie

Chief Manufacturing Officer

State of Connecticut

Hetal Shah - March Webinar
Hetal Shah

VP of Quality & Administration

Airex Rubber

John Neumon
John Neumon

Assistant Attorney General

State of Connecticut

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